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Earth remote sensing

Information and methodical support for targeted remote sensing projects
Seminar Interdisciplinary seminar "Satellite methods and systems for Earth research" (chairman - corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences G.M.Chernyavsky)
Main Projects
  • SMIS Information System for Acquisition, Processing, Storage and Distribution of Satellite Data
    Since 1995 provides automated acquisition, processing and archiving for data from NOAA satellites covering European Russia and Western Siberia. Provides operational access to satellite data and derived products. The system is used for testing and evaluation of new methods and technologies of processing, storage and dissemination of satellite data.

  • Information System "AVIALESOOKHRANA"
    Developed for support of operations of Central Airbase of Russian Forest Defense Service ("Avialesookhrana"). In operation since 1996. The system is under continuous development by cooperation of specialists of Avialesookhrana, International Forest Institute, Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics (ISZF SO RAN) and Space Research Institute (IKI RAN). The system implements fully-automated technology for satellite data acquisition and distribution. Currently it presents automatically-updated information on observed wildfire conditions, fire elimination statistics and reports, results of specialized satellite data processing with almost whole Russia coverage.

  • Information System "Russia's Weather"
    The system has been developed and is supported jointly by HydroMetCenter of Russian Federation and Space Reserach Institute (IKI RAN). In operation since 1997. Provides remote access to observed weather data and 6-day weather forecast, as well as access to corresponding satellite data. The information system implements automated data reception and processing scheme, as well as automated procedures for data transfer to various information sites and specialized information systems.

  • Information System "SPUTNIK"
    The system is under development by collaboration between IKI RAN and SRC "Planeta" (of Roshydromet). In operation since 1997. Provides automatic collection, processing and cataloging of satellite data and remote access to information. The information system receives satellite data from ground centers located in Obninsk, Novosibirsk and Khabarovsk from the following satellites: RESURS-01, METEOR, OKEAN-01, OKEAN-O, METEOSAT, NOAA, GOES, GMS.

  • Information System "RESURS"
    Developed and supported on behalf of "Center for Space Observations" (of Rosaviakosmos). In operation since 1999. Implements automatic collection, processing and cataloging of data from satellites RESURS, OKEAN-O and METEOR-3M. Data are received from ground centers in Elista, Priozersk and Irkutsk. Provides remote access to information.

  • Industrial Monitoring System of State Fishery Committee
    Developed and supported jointly by experts of VNIERKh, KCCM, NCM, IKI RAN, VNIRO, ZAO "Atlas", ZAO "Vector". In operation since 2000. Intended to support fishing fleet and environmental conditions monitoring tasks. Provides facilities for collection and presentation of data on fishing vessels tracking and positioning and corresponding weather satellite data. Supports both local and remote access to information.

  • Automated System for Data Acquisition, Processing and Distribution of Kamchatka Center for Communications and Monitoring
    Developed and supported by experts of IKI RAN, VNIERKh and KCCM as a subsytem of Industrial Monitoring System of State Fishery Committee. Automatically processes data and delivers information on cloud conditions, sea surface temperature and ice conditions in Okhotsk Sea, Bering Sea and Japan Sea. In operation since early 2002.

  • SIMP Image Collection