Space Research Institute
Институт Космических Исследований
Space Research Institute

   Planetary Exploration

The exploration of the planets figured prominently in the Space Research Institute (IKI) activity. Experimental studies are given priority. They are conducted by methods of optical and infrared spectrometry, photometry and infrared radiometry, mass-specrometry, gas chromatography, and X-ray fluorescent spectrometry.

Meteorological measurements are taken on the surface and in the atmospheres of other planets.

Alongside experimental studies considerable attention is given to the elaboration of theoretical problems, mainly in the field of the simulation of processes in planetary atmospheres, including the early stages of their evolution.


  • Planetary spectroscopy
  • Direct physical and chemical studies of planets
  • Dynamics of planetary atmospheres
  • Mass-spectrometry
  • Photometry and IR-radiometry
  • Optical studies of upper planetary atmospheres
  • Mass-spectrometry of plasma and gases

Missions and experiments

Some Images of Interplanetary Probes


Solar System Data Archive (SSDA) contains data sets passed through various levels of processing: the telemetry data and processed data. Telemetry data are grouped according to project name.

The processed data are divided into:

  • the planetary data subdivided into
      small bodies
      planetary plasma
      images sections;
  • the data collected by the spacecraft in the way from Earth to planets subdivided into
      interplanetary space sections.

The SSDA includes also information in the form of templates in the PDS format. The SSDA includes also public domain data of some non-Russian planetary missions of interest for Russian users.

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