Space Research Institute
Институт Космических Исследований
Space Research Institute

   Space Plasma Physics

Space Plasma Physics is one of the main lines of theoretical and experimental investigations performed at the Space Research Institute (IKI). All stars, including the Sun, the interstellar and interplanetary medium, planetary upper atmosphere (ionosphere) - in a word, roughly 99% of matter in the Galaxy is in the plasma state. The processes of the transformation of some types of energy into other, which constitute the essence of active phenomena on the Sun and in the close vicinity (magnetospheres) of the planets, including the Earth, are of plasma nature.

The tasks of some theoretical and experimental laboratories at the Institute is to construct models of planetary magnetosperes and to study individual physical phenomena specific for such complex systems as solar wind - magnetosphere - ionosphere system.


  • Theory of space plasma processes
  • Acceleration processes in space plasma and radiation problems during space flights
  • Near-planetary and interplanetary plasma
  • Study of electromagnetic measurements
  • Study of solar wind
  • Physics of magnetosphere processes
  • Engineering and technical support of project experiments and applied works

Missions and Experiments

Past projects