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"The heliospheric interface: theory and observations"

V. Izmodenov (MSU)


Sun is moving through warm (~ 6500 K) and partly ionized local interstellar cloud (LIC) with velocity ~ 26 km/s. Charged component of interstellar gas interacts with the solar wind (SW) forming the heliospheric interface, the SW/LIC interaction region. Both solar wind and interstellar gas have multi-component nature that creates a complex behavior of the interaction region. Current state of art in the modeling of the heliospheric interface is reviewed in this paper. Modern models of the interface take into account effects of the solar wind and interstellar plasma components (protons, electrons, pickup ions, interstellar helium ions and solar wind alpha particles), interstellar neutral component (H atoms), interstellar and heliospheric magnetic fields, galactic and anomalous cosmic rays, latitudinal and
solar cycle variation s of the solar wind. New results of self-constent time-dependent kinetic/gas dynamic model of the heliospheric interface are reported. Interpretations of different remote diagnostics of the heliospheric interface on the basis of our heliospheric interface models are presented.