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September, 4

O.G. Bakunin (Kurchatov Institute)

"Correlations and Anomalous Transport Models for Plamsa and Hydrodynamic Turbulence"


July, 5

A.V. Milovanov (Space Research Institute, ENEA)

"The challenge of "complex" systems, with implications for Fusion Advanced Studies Torus (FAST) project"


May, 17

D.O. Chernyshov and V.A. Dogiel (P.N.Lebedev Institute of Physics)

"Stochastic Particle Acceleration and the Problem of Background Plasma Overheating"



April, 26

V.S. Belyaev, A.P. Matafonov (CRIMB, Korolev, Russian Federation)

"Relativistic magneto-active laser plasmas"



February, 21

A.V. Byalko (L.D. Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Chernogolovka, Moscow region, Russian Federation; Journal Priroda)

"Relaxation theory of climate"


February, 2

Dmitrij V. Titov (ESA/ ESTEC, The Netherlands)

"JUICE: JUpiter ICy moons Explorer"







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