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"Usage  of  the  contemporary  methods of  noiseproof  coding in  the  projects  of  the  Space  researches"

V.V. Zolotarev (IKI)


In the report  the  basic principles and effectiveness criteria of noiseproof  coding application in  problems of  high veracity  for  digital communication maintenance at a very large distance are esteemed. The characteristics of the main  methods of decoding of correcting codes are submitted.

Best  methods  by  yardsticks of complexity and efficiency of correcting codes decoding now are the multithreshold decoders (MTD), about  which series of the reviews is lately published.. The new reference book on MTD and others decoders  was  published in 2004 also. Usage of concatenating coding methods on the basis of  MTD  for simple and effective decoding is offered  at problem solving of  a long-distant Space communication and remote  sensing  of  the  Earth (RSE).

New  hardware MTD developments on special PLIS are described.

The throughput of software  MTD  versions  is  estimated.

The necessity of coding for systems of distant Space communication is for a long time  absolutely acknowledged . The channel energetic characteristics,   rather close to theoretically possible  for codes are now became achievable.

The application  of  coding  in  RSE  systems is necessary also. Thus the sizes of aerials  decrease, transmission speed increases and the power of radio transmitters in RSE  systems  on board is reduced.  Now it is easy to reach  a  coding  gain  (CG)  6-8 dB, and in some cases even more than 10 dB. It is specially important for very popular now small Space devices  and in essence changes  a view  of systems of this class, allowing considerably to improve the quality, volume and veracity of the received information.

The capabilities of joint application of the best methods of  highly  reliable  source and communication channel coding are discussed. At joint application of modern methods of this class the increase of power efficiency of  transmission till 50-80 and more time is possible.

The conclusions about necessity of much more full and  comprehensive usage of the latest information theory achievements and modern capabilities of microelectronic technologies in the Space projects of SRI  RAS are done.

An additional  information on MTD algorithms is  shown on a specialized web-site of  SRI  RAS   http://www.mtdbest.iki.rssi.ru