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"Multiple acceleration of protons at the sun and their scatter free propagation to the earth on 2005 January 20"

A.B. Struminsky (IKI) 


Observations of solar protons near the Earth and the solar flare in different electromagnetic wave lengths on 2005 January 20 have been analyzed. Solar protons with energies >80 MeV propagated scatter-free to the Earth about first 30 minutes since their release into the interplanetary space, so and the temporal and energetic characteristics of the solar injection function determined only their intensity time profiles. The injection of 80-165 MeV protons started at 06:43 UT +/- 1min and their injection function can be expressed as a product of the Anti Coincidence System Spectrometer on Integral (ACS SPI) count rate (temporal dependence) and the proton spectrum ~ -4.70.1 (energetic dependence).  The protons of higher energies were injected 4 min, but the relativistic electrons 9 min later, than that time. A close connection between high energetic solar electromagnetic emission and solar proton fluxes near the Earth is a strong argument in favor of the prolonged and multiple accelerations of protons in solar flares. Possibly, a creation of the system of post eruption flare loops was accompanied by consequent episodes of energy release and particle acceleration. The obtained results contradict to the concept of solar energetic particle acceleration by the CME.