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"Heating of interstellar medium by X-ray radiation from quasars,
statistical properties of active galactic nuclei based on hard X-ray surveys"
(based on doctor's thesis)

S. Yu. Sazonov (IKI)


Based on the second half of the thesis, the following questions will be addressed:

The problem about the emission spectrum of a typical quasar in the Universe is formulated and solved; it is shown that Compton and photoionization heating in the radiation field of such sources can unbind interstellar gas from the potential wells of giant elliptical galaxies. As a consequence, the observed corellation between the stellar velocity dispersions of galactic bulges and their central black holes' masses could result from the radiative feedback of accretion onto supermassive black holes.

A catalog of active galactic nuclei (AGN) selected by flux in the X-ray range 3-20 keV is created. It was used to construct the most accrurate X-ray luminosity function of local AGN and to demonstrate that the absorption column density distribution is very different for low-luminosity and high-luminosity AGN. Initial results of the on-going all-sky survey in hard X-rays with the INTEGRAL observatory will also be presented.