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"HAARP as ionospheric instrument of the cutting edge technology"

Gennady Milikh (University of Maryland, College Park, MD, USA) 


The talk will present an overview of the HF Auroral Research Program (HAARP) facility. The latter consists of an ionospheric HF- heater and supporting diagnostics. The facility which is located near Gakona Alaska is a unique instrument for the research of the auroral ionosphere. The talk will discuss fundamental ideas of nonlinear ionospheric physics related to HF-heating, along with evolution of the ionospheric heaters happened during a few last decades.

A few key areas of HAARP related science and application will be discussed in detail.

  • HF ionospheric modifications and their applications to long range communications, navigation and space weather.

  • Ionospheric generation of low frequency waves and their applications to control of radiation belts.

  • Generation of optical emissions and applications to remote sensing.

  • Using HAARP as a powerful radar for planetary and solar sounding.