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"The Hybrid Multiscale Simulation II. (From Fluid/Particle Toward the CPK Models)"

Alexander Lipatov (University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada) 


The coupled Vlasov--Maxwell equations with collisions describing well the physical system are too heavy for numerical simulations. Hybrid models treat some aspects kinetically and some as a fluid. Major current applications are to astrophysical and laboratory plasmas. Some applications are connected with active experiments in space. However, hybrid simulations are also being used to gain an understanding of basic plasma phenomena such as particle acceleration by shocks, magnetic field reconnection in plasma systems with reversed magnetic line configuration,  generation of waves by beams (plasma clouds),  mass loading of the supersonic flow by heavy pickup ions and the dynamics of tangential discontinuities. Such simulations may be very important not only for a study of the astrophysical plasmas, but also for the study of  the magnetically and inertially contained fusion plasmas, and other laboratory plasma devices.

In my report, I shall discuss the current status and possible future development of the multilevel hybrid simulation techniques, in particular, the "Smart-Particle" algorithms (Blob method [Coppa, Lapenta et al., 1995; ....] and Complex Particle Kinetic conception [Hewett, 2003]). The further development of the CPK algorithm for the case of interpenetrating flows (multiple plasma beams) will be discussed. The results of a standard particle code and the modified CPK code simulations  of the particle dynamics (including a shock surfing acceleration) at the front  of collisionless quasiperpendicular shocks will be presented.