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"Special Relativistic Simulations of Magneto-driven Jet from Core-Collapse Supernovae"

Tomoya Takiwaki (University of Tokyo, Japan) 


We performed 2.5 dimensional magneto-hydro dynamical simulation of core-collapse supernovae.

From the observational fact, it is probable that gamma-ray bursts and core-collapse supernovae have same origin.And the very collimated jet is preferable to explain the light curve of their afterglow.

How this collimated jet is produced due to the process of core-collapse of massive star?There are two main energy-sources for the explosion. One is neutrino pair annihilation and another is magneto-hydrodynamical process. In this time we concentrate the magneto-hydrodynamical process.

Our novel points are sophisticated numerical treatments. For the core-collapse, various kinds of physical process are required such as self gravity, realistic equation of state and neutrino treatment. In addition it should be noted that Newtonian treatment break out in the dilute Jet with strong magnetic fields.The special relativistic formalism is necessary.

Since the previous works are performed separately at each stage such as core-collapse and jet-propagation, many uncertainty remains in each stage. However we have performed the simulations from the magnetized core-collapse to the jet-propagation totally. This study gives us deeper knowledge on the relation between the profile of the jet and the progenitor.