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"Magnetorotational instability of MHD flow in circular channel: theoretical basis of experiment"

I.V. Khalzov (RRC Kurchatov Institute) 


Development of simple and effective experiment on observation of magnetorotational instability (MRI) in laboratory is a problem of current importance. One of such experiments has been proposed and is being designed now in RRC “Kurchatov Institute”. It is based on study of liquid Sodium flow in transverse magnetic field under the action of Ampere force. This report includes:

  • results of numerical simulations of liquid Sodium flow structure in circular channel at the stage of acceleration and at the stationary state;

  • analysis of spectral stability of stationary state (including non-axisymmetric modes with m≠0);

  • examples of calculations of nonlinear Sodium dynamics at different values of Hartmann and Reynolds numbers.