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" Interplanetary Solar Stereoscopic Observatory (ISSO) the scientific program and the current state of the project researches ".

M.S.Chubey (St.-Petersburg, Central (Pulkovo) Astronomical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences)



The idea of creation of the long-term space stereometric observatory ISSO with an arrangement of two identically equipped SCs in vicinities of Lagrangean points of librational movements in system the Sun barycenter of the system "Earth+Moon" L4 and L5, with the main stereobase in B = a √3 ≈ 259 million km, had been developed by the initiative group under the leadership of the correspondent member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Grigoriev V. M. (ISTPh the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science). Observatory board equipment is developed taking into account the best world achievements.

The ISSO target program is focused on application of the stereoscopic method at the performance of basic researches in two directions of astronomy, according to specificity of the demanded instrument equipment caused by brightness of objects of research:

The first direction has been designed for the comprehensive investigations of the Sun within the limits of a problem Physics of the Sun and solar-terrestrial relations with construction of three-dimensional and stereoscopic images of investigated active areas on the Sun, with application of methods of a tomography and seismography and all arsenal of the methods applied to researches of the Sun as a whole.

The second direction has been designed for the performing of the long series of high-precision three-dimensional stereoscopic observations on the basis of the same method for the solving of the problems of celestial mechanics, stellar astronomy, astrometry and astrophysics (observing in the range of brightness of the objects mastered by modern astronomy ΔV {4m → 25m}), which cannot be received only from the ground-based observations and from observations made in the near earth orbits.

Within the limits of the performed scientific research program the decisions on all key questions of the project, including instrumental equipment of a board, navigation and the arrangement configuration questions had been offered.

Scientific and technical research program had been provided by institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences under the financial and advisory support of Federal space agency of the Russian Federation and its institutions within the limits of the theme "Stereoprobe". Some results of the researches has been published:

1. V.M.Grigoriev, P.G.Papushev, S.A.Chuprakov, M.S.Chubej, E.S.Kulagin, G.I.Eroshkin, V.N.Lvov, S.A.Tolchelnikova, L.I.Jagudin. The Interplanetary Solar Stereoscopic Observatory. Optical Journal, volume 73, 4, 2006. P. 4348. (Opt. Journal is in Russian and in English).

2. Chubey M. S. About possibility of definition of geometrical parametres of the lensing objects movement. Izwestiya of Centr.AO of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 1998, 213, pp. 273-278 (in Russian).