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" Fast Flight To The Solar System Periphery ".

V.M. Linkin (Space Research Institute of RAS (IKI))

Co-authors: V.M. Gotlib, A.B. Manukin, A.N. Lipatov, N.A. Eismont



    The main scientific tasks of the Fast Flight project are concidering the following ones : measurements of magnetic field, the solar wind parameters, the dusty density distribution at the solar system periphery and the confirmation or the disproof of gravitational anomalies. It is suggested the different variants of precision measurements of gravitational forces and nongravity ones acting on the space apparatus (SA) in this region.

    To set up the nonexpensive project of fast flight to the solar system periphery the elaborated and tested in the practice technologies may be used. The SA running may be realized by few steps. At the first stage the chemical engines may be used. Then the running is continuing with help of the electroreactive engine. The running efficiency increases due to the essential decreasing of both working devices mass and SA energy system one. So after the running engines separation the space apparatus may has mass about (150-200) kg and the time required for its flight to Pluton orbit will be ~ 6,5 years.