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"Ejection of material from a comet after its collision with a smaller body, probabilities of collisions of migrating small bodies and dust particles with planets, and formation of small body binaries"

S.I. Ipatov (Catholic University of America, Washington, USA)



The time variations of velocities and relative amounts of material ejected from Comet 9P/Tempel 1 after its collision with the Deep Impact spacecraft are studied based on the images made during this mission. The ejection of material could be considered as a superposition of normal cratering and a triggered outburst from all surface of the crater. The probabilities of collisions of different small bodies (asteroids, comets, and trans-Neptunian objects) and dust particles of different sizes produced by these bodies with all planets are considered for dynamical lifetimes of bodies and particles. The formation of small body binaries at the stage of rarefied preplanetesimals and the spin momenta of collided preplanetesimals are studied. Papers and slides to presentations on these items are presented on the website http://faculty.cua.edu/ipatov/.