1. Memorial meeting (Convener: A. Chernin)
2. Cosmology and Grnavitation (Convener: A. Zhuk)
3. Large-Scale Structure of the Universe (Convener: B. Novosyadlyj)
4. Gravitational Lenses in the Universe (Convener: M. Sazhin)
5. Neutron Stars and Black Holes (Convener: M. Prokhorov)
6. Nucleosynthesis in Stars, Starbursts and Interstellar Medium (Convener: N. Bochkarev)
7. High Energy Astrophysics (Convener: B. Hnatyk)
8. Small bodies in Solar system, Astronomy in Odessa (Convener: K.I. Churymov)


Monday (August 09, 2004)


10.00 - 11.00   Opening of the conference:

  • Rector of  ONU V.A. Smyntyna “Gamow’s year in I.I. Mechnikov Odessa National University”

Greeting talks:

  • President of Ukrainian Astronomical Association Ya.S. Yatskiv 

  • Vice-president of European Astronomical Society A.M Cherepashchuk 

  • General Council of Russia F.K. Dovzhenok 

  • Rector of L’viv National University I.A. Vakarchuk 

  • Euro-Asian Astronomical Society N.G. Bochkarev  

  • Opening talk of Chairman of the SOC G.S. Bisnovatyi-Kogan 

11.00 - 13.00   Memorial plenary session:

  • A.D. Chernin “The Big Bang Man” (30 min.) 

  • I. Pustil'nik “Reflections on George Gamow's Unique Scientific Legacy and Personality” (30 min.) 

  • Yu. Ranyuk, O. Shevchenko, P. Josephson “George Gamov and nuclear physics in Ukraine” (20 min.) 

  • M. Demianski “G. Gamow and the genetic code” (30 min.)

13.00 - 13.15   Photographing of participants

13.15 - 14.30   Lunch

14.30 - 15.30   Memorial plenary session:

  • I.L. Gamow “Gamow’s family” 

  • I.R. Gamow “On my father George Gamow” 

  • I.M. Khalatnikov, S.P. Kapitsa “About Gamow” (video film) 

  • M.I. Ryabov “Gamow’s days in Odessa”

15.30 - 16.00   Open lecture by S.P. Kapitsa “Population blowup and cosmology”

16.00 - 16.20   Coffee break

16.20 - 18.20   Plenary session:

  • I.D. Novikov "George Gamow and discovery of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (40 min.)

  • M. Shapiro  "The Curious History of Cosmic-ray Science" (40 min.)

  • E. Terlevich, R. Terlevich “Gamow legacy and the primordial abundance of light elements (40 min.)

19.00 - 20.00   Concert

20.00 - 22.00   Welcome Party.  

Tuesday (August 10, 2004)


9.00 - 11.00   Plenary session:

  • V. N. Rudenko "Gravitational wave experiments in the World and Russian national project OGRAN (in Baksan   Neutrino Observatory)" (40 min.)

  • G.S.Bisnovatyi-Kogan “Gamma ray bursts: theory versus observations”; (40 min.)

  • F.Aharonian  “Sources of very high energy gamma rays”  (40 min.)

11.00 - 11.20   Coffee break

11.20 - 13.05   Plenary session:

  • A.M. Cherepashchuk  "Supercritical Microquasar SS 433: Results of INTEGRAL Observations and Coordinated Campaign" (35 min.)

  • S. Silich  “The impact of super-star clusters on the ISM: winds, bubbles and the X-ray emission” (35 min.)

  • D. Yakovlev "Nuclear burning in dense stellar matter" (35 min.)

13.05 - 14.30   Lunch

14.30 - 14.40   Poster announcements 

14.40 - 16.00   Section sessions: 

Cosmology and Gravitation 

  • D. Singleton 6D brane with gravitational trapping potential (25 min.

  • S. Kanno On the thick higher co-dimension braneworld (25 min.) 

  • U. Gunther Multidimensional cosmological models: stabilization of extra dimensions in theories with nonlinear curvature terms R4, 1/R (25 min.)

Gravitational Lenses in the Universe 

  • Sazhin MKhovanskaya Î. "Possible observation of cosmic string" (25 min.)

  • Ekaterina A. Koptelova, Elena V. Shimanovskaya, Boris P. Artamonov, Mikhail V. Sazhin, Anatoly G. Yagola “Monitoring of the qso2237+0305 from Maidanak observatory(20 min.)

  • Victoria S. Tsvetkova, Victor G. Vakulik, Rudolph E. Schild, Vladimir N. Dudinov, Gleb V. Smirnov “Interpreting the color changes observed in gravitationally lensed quasar Q2237+0305}” (20 min.)

Nucleosynthesis in Stars, Starbursts and Interstellar Medium  

  • V.D.Rusov, V.A.Tarasov, D.A.Litvinov, V.N. Bolshakov, D.N. Saranyuk  “R-process of heavy elements formation in the neutron stream created by the slow wave of nuclear burning on border of liquid and solid phases of a planet core” (20 min.

  • S.V. Adamenko, V.I. Vysotskii  “Mechanism of nucleosynthesis of superheavy and by-passed nuclei upon the sequential tandem of gravitational and coulomb collapses of heavy stars” (20 min.

  • Uvarov Y.A., Bykov A.M. “A model of nonthermal radiation of a shell-type supernova remnants” (20 min.

  • Dorodnitsyn A.V.Line-driven winds near black holes” (20 min.)

16.00 - 16.20   Coffee break

16.20 - 18.00   Section sessions: 

Cosmology and Gravitation 

  • E.O. Babichev, V.I. Dokuchaev, Y.N. Eroshenko Dissolution of black holes in phantom energy (20 min.

  •  M.G. Larionov A possible quantum character of the dark energy (20 min.)

  •  E.M. Kopteva, M. P. Korkina  The homogeneous cosmological model with the radiation  and the cosmological constant(15 min.)

  •  M. P. Korkina, A. Zhidenko The fisher scalar field with cosmological constant(15 min.)

  •  V.D. Gladush Conformally flat five-dimensional cosmological model and cylindricity and closedness conditions in Kaluza –Klein theory(15 min.

  •  E.G. Mychelkin Gamov's big bang and scalar field background(15 min.)


  • V.D. Gladush Additional symmetry of a spherically-symmetric     configuration in a general relativity

  •  A.M. Baranov On stratiform structure's model of the open          universe

  •  A.M. Galiakhmetov Exactly integrable models in einstein -- cartan cosmology

  •  A.M. Popov, M.N. Smolyakov  Inflation teories and planck mass problem

  •  O.V. Sandakova  Cosmological model with expansion and rotation

  •  S.M. Popov, V.N.Rudenko, A.V.Serdobolski Model of opto-gravitational wave detector OGRAN

  •  R.R. Lompay “ Homogeneous static gravitational field in the general relativity theory”

Gravitational Lenses in the Universe 

  • Victor G. Vakulik, Rudolph E. Schild, Otabek A. Burkhonov “Quasar intrinsic brightness variations in the einstein cross gravitational lens system” (20 min.)

  • Yu.A. Sitenko “Quantum scattering on a cosmic string (20 min.)

Nucleosynthesis in Stars, Starbursts and Interstellar Medium

  • Maxim V. Barkov, Gennady S. Bisnovatyi-Kogan “Gamma-ray burst interaction with dense interstellar medium” (20 min.) 

  • I.I. Pronik, L.M. Sharipova, “interstellar matter and starformation. (to the 110 years of Academician Grigory Abramovich shain)” (15 min.) 

  • Yuri N. Efremov “Star complexes and local starbursts in spiral galaxies” (20 min.) 

  • Emilio J. Alfaro,  "Three dimension spectroscopy of a starburst region in the spiral galaxy NGC6946" (15 min.) 

  • Shavrina A., Polosukhina N., Pavlenko Ya., Yushchenko A., Gopka V., Khan S., Khalack V., Mikhailitska N. “Lithium in the atmospheres of some slowly rotating roAp stars” (20 min.) 

  • Andrei M. Sobolev  “Molecular tracers of ejections and outflows in massive star forming regions” (15 min.)


  • S.V. Adamenko “Astrophysical phenomena in laboratory, implosive nucleosynthesis in collapsing targets” 

  • Bohdan Ya. Melekh, Volodymyr V. Holovatyy  “Optimization photoionization modeling with grain presence of hii regions in blue compact dwarf galaxies” 

  • N.A. Dugin, I.P. Kuznetsova, V.A. Razin  “Flux density absolute measurements of super novae remnants using two-temperature blackbody calibration standard” 

  • T.V. Mishenina, C. Soubiran, O. Bienayme, V.V. Kovtyukh,  S.A. Korotin and T.I. Gorbaneva  “The behaviour of alpha - element abundances in the thin and thick disks of the Galaxy”

  • A. Stolmar “Physics of stars and galaxies - without proton to proton fusion and without dark matter and black holes”

  • E.A. Karitskaya, A.V. Bondar, N.G. Bochkarev, G.A.Galazutdinov F.A. Musaev, A.A.Sapar “The first results of high-resolution spectroscopy of x-ray binary cyg x-1 fulfilled on peak terskol observatory” (20 min.

18.00 - 23.00   Excursions to Odessa theatres and to the Tairow Scientific Institute of Grapes and Vine (visit to the degustation hall)  

Wednesday (August 11, 2004)


9.00 - 11.00   Plenary session

  • P. Gonzalez-Diaz "Dark Energy and the Quantum Universe" (40 min.)

  • M. Demianski, A.G. Doroshkevich “Lyman-a forest a new source of cosmological information” (40 min.)

  • I.B. Khriplovich "Quantum Long-Range Corrections in General Relativity" (40 min.)

11.00 - 11.20   Coffee break

11.20 - 13.05   Plenary session

  • D. Galtsov "New string inspired models in gravitation and cosmology"  (35 min.)

  • A. Zhuk "Phenomenology of brane-world cosmological models" (35 min.)

  • J. Soda "Braneworld Cosmology" (35 min.)

13.05 - 14.30   Lunch

15.00 - 18.00   Excursion tours:

  • sightseeing bus tour of Odessa city

  • marine excursion.

Thursday (August 12, 2004)


9.00 - 11.00  Plenary session

  • N.G. Bochkarev “AGN "Zoo": Research Methods, Problems, Results - Now and in the Future” (40 min.)

  • V.M.Chechetkin "Neutrino mechanism of supernova explosion" (40 min.)

  • S.M. Moiseenko  "Simulations of magnetorotational supernova expolosion" (40 min.)

11.00 - 11.20   Coffee break

11.20 - 11.30   Poster announcements

11.30 - 13.00   Section sessions

Cosmology and Gravitation 

  • S.V. Sushkov  Cosmological evolution of a ghost scalar field  (20 min.)

  •  A.A. Popov  Vacuum polarization of a quantized scalar field in ultrastatic asymptotically flat spacetimes(15 min.)

  •  A.M. Galiakhmetov  Nonminimally coupled scalar field in Einstein - Cartan cosmology(15 min.)

  •  V. Baukh Accelerating cosmologies with scalar fields(15 min.)

  •  S.V. Grinyok  Instability of wormholes with non-minimally  coupled scalar field(15 min.)

Neutron Stars and Black Holes 

  • A. Baushev, N. La Barbera, A.Santangelo, A.Segreto “Phase-resolved spectroscopy of X-ray binary system 4U0115+63” (20 min.)

  • Gregory S. Tsarevsky “Results of the search of new active stars in the Galaxy (in X-ray, radio & optics)” (15 min.)

  • Malofeev V., Malov O.I, Teplykh D.A “Radio emission of Anomalous X-ray Pulsars” (15 min.)

  • Segrei A. Trushkin “Radio observations of the X-ray binaries” (15 min.)

  • Yulia V. Artemova, Gennadiy S. Bisnovatyi-Kogan, Igor D. Novikov “Accretion disks around black holes with optical thin-thick transition and advection” (25 min.)

Nucleosynthesis in Stars, Starbursts and Interstellar Medium  

  • V.V. Korolev, Ilya G. Kovalenko, “Simulation of supernova remnants in a multiphase interstellar medium” (15 min.

  • N.G. Bochkarev, E.A. Karitskaya "CYG X-1 (V1357 CYG) and its interstellar inviroment " (15 min.

  • V.A. Razin, E.N. Vinyajkin, A.M. Paseka, A.I. Teplykh, “Investigation of local galactic magnetic field by  multiwave polarimetry of interstellar medium synchrotron radio emission” (15 min.

  • A. Yushchenko, V.F. Gopka "High-resolution stellar spectroscopy. From quantity to quaulity ?" (15 min.

  • V.V. Holovatyy, N.V. Havrylova, “Chemical composition of galactical planetary nebulae with taking into account the inhomogeneties of gas density in its envelopes” (15 min.

  • R.V. Shkvarun, L.S. Pilyugin “Distribution of the abundance of oxygen in disks of eight spiral galaxies” (15 min.)

13.00 - 14.30   Lunch

14.30 - 16.00   Section sessions

Cosmology and Gravitation 

  • V.P. Olyeynik Particle-like solutions of the einstein-dirac-maxwell-yang-mills equations: the models with static spherically symmetric gravitational fields (20 min.)

  •  Yu.A. Semenov Is SU(3) yang-mills field a proper source of gravity?(15 min.)

  •  S.S. Sannikov-Proskuryakov The universe before the first big bang(15 min.)

  •  A. Shatskiy The Einstein-Rosen Bridges (wormholes) and the features of it's gravity lensing (15 min.)

  •  A.M. Baranov On an extension of the open friedmann's universe (15 min.)

Neutron Stars and Black Holes 

  • G. Tsarevsky, G. Bisnovaty-Kogan, A. Pozanenko  "Project ASTRAL: All-Sky Telescope to Record Afterglow Locations" (20 min).
  • O.D. Toropina, Yu.M. Toropin, M.M. Romanova, R.Lovelace  “Spherical accretion to a magnetized star in the "propeller" regime” (30 min.)

  • Nazar R. Ikhsanov, Chul-Sung Choi “Appearance of subsonic propellers in a strong wind” (20 min.)

  • J.G. Lominadze, A.G. Tevzadze, G.D. Chagelishvili, J.-P. Zahn and R.G. Chanishvili «On hydrodynamic shear turbulence in spectrally stable Keplerian disks» (20 min).


  • M. A. Eremin, A. N. Kolov, I. G. Kovalenko “Low angular momentum accretion of turbulized gas onto a black hole” (20 min.)

Nucleosynthesis in Stars, Starbursts and Interstellar Medium

  • O. Bienayme, T. Mishenina, C. Soubiran, “Chemical and dynamical evolution in the solar neighbourhood” (20 min.)

  • Kasimova E.R., Shchekinov Yu.A.,  “Influence of dust on chemical pattern of spiral galaxies” (20 min.)

  • Alexey V. Mironov, Andrey I. Zakharov  "Dust and Young Objects in Globular Clusters? Why not!" (20 min.)

  • Galina N. Dryomova, Mariy A. Svechnikov, Alexander V. Tutukov “Blue stragglers as a merging product of the low massive main-sequence detached binaries” (20 min.)

16.00 - 16.20   Coffee break

16.20 - 18.20   Section sessions

Cosmology and Gravitation 

  • I.B. Khriplovich  Spectrum of quantized black hole, correspondence principle, and holographic bound (20 min.)

  • K.A. Bronnikov, S.B. Fadeev Spherically symmetric, minimally coupled brane worlds(20 min.)

  • K.A. Bronnikov, B.E. Meierovich, S. Abdyrakhmanov A uniquenes theorem for thick brane worlds (20 min.)

  • A.N. Makarenko, V.V. Obukhov, K.E. Osetrin,A.E. Fillipov  Scalar-tensor theories with special symmertieS (20 min.)

  • V.V. Obukhov, K.E. Osetrin, A.E. Filippov Homogeneous stackel spacetimes (20 min.)


  • Mainuddin Ahmed Black hole physics in a general spacetime of general relativity

  • S.S. Sannikov-Proskuryakov Cosmology and living cell

  • D.L. Khokhlov The effective fixed potential: footprints in the solar system

  • T.A. Saidov On the structure of fermion currents in the particle-like models with electric charge and magnetic dipole moment

  • V.A. Efimov, L.V. Grunskaya, V.A. Mishin  The organization and carrying out of the field investigations on the territory of the experimental physical ground of vladimir state university

  • L.V. Grunskaya, V.A. Efimov, M.Yu. Fedotov, A.B. Balakin, V.N. Morozov   Theoretical and experimental investigations of the interaction between the elf earth electromagnetic field and the gravitational fields

  • I.S. Nurgaliev, B.S. Sadykov  Inertia and gravitation before and after Einstein

  • P.P. Trokhimchuck Neutrino, black holes and black matter

  • O.B. Zaslavskii Role of boundary in thermodynamics of quantum-corrected black holes

Neutron Stars and Black Holes 

  • Serguei Komissarov ''Relativistic MHD simulations of pulsar winds and inner nebulae'' (20 min.)

  • Janusz Ziolkowski  “Evolutionary constraints on the masses of the components of HDE 226868/CYG X-1 binary system” (20 min.)

  • Andrey N. Timokhin “Oscillating neutron star as a pulsar” (20 min.)

  • I.S. Ognev, A.A. Gvozdev “Neutrino effects in a supernova mantle with strong magnetic field” (20 min.)

  • A.V. Skorkin, V.M. Skorkin  “Generation of gamma rays in neutron stars” (20 min.)

  • Malofeev V., Malov O.I, Teplykh D.A “Radio emission of Anomalous X-ray Pulsars” (20 min.)

Nucleosynthesis in Stars, Starbursts and Interstellar Medium

  • Alexander P.Tsivilev, Roman L.Sorochenko, Srefano Cortiglioni, Sergio Poppi,  Stelio Montebugnoli “ Primordial helium abundance by rrl: new result” (20 min.)

  • N.G. Bochkarev “A simple scenario of AGN evolution” (30 min.)

20.00 - 24.00   Banquet  

Friday (August 13, 2004)


9.00 - 11.00  Plenary session

  • V.S. Beskin "Axisymmetric Stationary Flows in Astrophysics" (40 min.)

  • P.I. Fomin “On quantum birth of universe and quantized space-time” (40 min.)

  • R. Ruffini "George Gamow and the URCA process: the case or URCA1 and URCA2" (40 min.)

11.00 - 11.20   Coffee break

11.20 - 11.30   Poster announcements

11.30 - 13.00   Section sessions

Large-Scale Structure of the Universe  

  • R. Juszkiewicz, H. Feldman “A new dynamical estimator of $\Omega_m$” (20 min.)
  • B. Novosyadlyj "Large scale structure of the Universe: theory, observations and cosmological parameters" (20 min.)
  • S. Apunevych  “Constraints on relic gravitational waves from CMB and LSS observations” (15 min. )
  • V. Berezinsky, V. Dokuchaev and Yu. Eroshenko  “Small-scale clumps in the galactic halo” (15 min. )
  • V. Skalsky The friedmannian universe models in the light of the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) observations (15 min.)

High Energy Astrophysics 

  • V.S. Berezinsky, V.I. Dokuchaev "High energy neutrinos from collapsing supermassive star" (30 min.)
  • M. Balucinska-Church, M. Ostrowski, L. Stawarz, M.J. Church "Discovery of hard X-ray substructures in hotspots of Cygnus A" (30 min.)
  •  Vakarchuk I.O. "Motion of the relativistic particle with position-dependent mass and deformed Heisenberg algebra" (30 min.)

Small bodies in Solar system, Astronomy in Odessa  

  • K.I.Churyumov «Space mission “Rosetta”  to the nucleus of comet 67Ð/Churyumov-Gerasimenko: goals, successful start and first observation» (20 min.)
  • Chumak O.V. Scale-similarity structures on the active Sun (20 min.)
  • Kulikova N.V. Desintegration of small bodies in the Solar System and meteoroid complexis evolution. (20 min.)
  • Bondarenko S. Yu., Ovcharenko A.A., Zubko E. S., Shkuratov Yu.G. The negative polarization of light scattering by cosmic dust at small phase  angle (20 min.)

13.00 - 14.30   Lunch

14.30 - 16.00   Section sessions

Large-Scale Structure of the Universe  

  • E. Drobyshevski “Detection and properties of a near-earth flux of  dark electric matter objects (DAEMONS)” (20 min.)
  • E.O. Vasiliev, Yu. Shchekinov  Primordial star formation triggered by UV photons from decaying  particles (15 min.)
  • I. Nurgaliev “Dark Matter and Formation of Structure in Multi-component Universe” (15 min.)
  • Yu. Kulinich “Nonlinear perturbations in the Universe with dark energy” (15 min.)
  • V. Oknyanskij  Dust holes in AGNs (15 min.)
  • N. Maksyuta “Fractal model of the Universe (15 min.)

High Energy Astrophysics 

  • Miroshnichenko L.I. "Cosmic rays, structure and physics of the heliosphere" (30 min.)
  • V.S. Berezinsky, S.I. Grigorieva, B.I. Hnatyk " Extragalactic UHE proton spectrum and prediction for iron-nuclei flux at 108 - 199 GeV" (30 min.)
  • Petruk O., Bandiera R. "Electron injection and acceleration on the shocks of supernova remnants" (30 min.)

Small bodies in Solar system, Astronomy in Odessa

  • Tischenko V.I. “Peculiarities of the information visualization technology of dynamic evolution of meteoroid complexes” (20 min.)
  • Nikolai V. Ostrovski.  “Technology of dynamic evolution of meteoroid complexes physical model  of  the  orbital movement of the Jupiter  satellite  sinope” (20 min.)
  • V.A.Smirnov “Radiation of spectra of meteors” (20 min.)
  • Ivanova A. V., Shulman L. M. “The temperature regime and the total flux of sublimation from an active region on a cometary nucleus. effect of rotation” (20 min.)

16.00 - 16.20   Coffee break

16.20 - 17.40   Section sessions

Large-Scale Structure of the Universe  

  • P. Flinn “On the evolution of galaxy clusters” (20 min.)
  • E. Panko, P. Flin The analysis of galaxy distribution in region of Abell cluster 3846 (15 min.)
  • M. Larionov “Discrete sources as large-scale structure indicators” (15 min.)
  • V. Karachentseva, D. Makarov, O. Melnyk, “Morphology and configurations of triple systems of galaxies in the Local Supercluster” (15 min.)
  • I. Telezhinsky, I. Vavilova “Local Supercluster of galaxies in 3D Atlas. Overview of the Local Universe” (15 min.)


  • N. Arkhipova “Observational constraints for cosmological $\lambda$mdm models”

  •  V. Leontjev The spatial density of quasars in the excursion set aproach

  •  R. Shatsova, G. Anisimova “Natural modeling of galactic and extragalactic structures”

  •  O. Tsupko “A simplified model of the formation of structures  in dark matter”

  •  V. Zakhojay  “A new technique of galaxies classification by using their morphological structure”

  •   V. Zackojay, V. Psaryov  “Some way of statistic modeling of Galaxy evolution”

High Energy Astrophysics 

  • Leinson L.B. "Weak magnetism effects in the direct URCA processes in cooling neutron stars" (20 min.)

  • Liubarsky I. "Review of UK Dark Matter Search at Boulby Mine Underground Facility" (20 min.)

  • Miroshnichenko A.P. "Evolution effects for quasars and galaxies with jet structure" (20 min.)

  • Fidelis V.V. "TeV/keV correlated activity from the galaxy Mrk 501 in 2002" (20 min.)


  • A.A. Elyiv, B.I. Hnatyk "The propagation of ultra high energy cosmic rays in galactic magnetic fields".
  • Fidelis V.V. "X-ray/Gamma-ray observations of BL Lac object in high state in 2000"
  • Kryvdyk V. "Collapsing stars: from theory to observations"
  • Marchenko V.V., Hnatyk B.I. " Gamma-ray flash from relativistic shock break out at the surface of Hypernova star"
  • Berezinsky V., Grigorieva S., Chardonnet P., Petruk O. "Spectra of UHE cosmic rays from astrophysical sources: overdensity in distribution of luminous matter and extragalactic magnetic fields"  
  • Nazarova L.S. "On hydrodynamic shear turbulence in spectrally stable Keplerian disks" 

  • M.I.Ryabov, A.E.Volvach "Results of flux density monitoring observations of extragalactic radio sources at 22, 37 GHz on RT-22 CRAO and 102 MHz research programs of Odessa observatory «URAN-4» RI NASU".

Small bodies in Solar system, Astronomy in Odessa

  • T.N. Dorokhova, Nikolay I. Dorokhov, Sejitnazar Mukhamednazarov, Gulnara Tadjibayeva “News from mt. dushak-erekdag observatory.II” (20 min.)
  • Udovichenko S.N. “Photometric investigation of XX CYG” (20 min.)
  • P.P. Sukhov “Optical observation of space debris in geo in odessa astronomical observatory” (20 min.)  
  • Irina N. Belskaya, Antonella M. Barucci «The complex of methods and algorithms for the photometric and coordinate control of space»


  • N. S. Kovalenko, K. I. Churyumov, I. Luk'yanyk “Modeling of comets 95p/chiron's and 29p/schwassmann-wachmann's light curves”
  • Kulikova N.V.,Chepurova V.M. “Meteoroid complex evolution of the Temple- Tuttle comet from computer simulation results”
  • L.S.Chubko , K.I.Churyumov, I.V. Luk’yanyk and V.V.Kleshchonok. “Comparison of spectra of  comets C/1999 S4 (Linear) and C/2002 C1 (Ikeya- Zhang)”
  • I.V. Lukyanyk, K.I.Churyumov, L.S. Chubko and V.V. Kleshchonok “Identification of emission lines in the spectrum of comet C/2002 V1(NEAT)”
  • Karachkina L.G., Prokof’eva V. V. “The connections of binary Main Belt's asteroids with resonances”
  • T.Sergeeva, V. Golovnya, A.Sergeev “"Observations in the past" of minor planets in MAO NAS of Ukraine Plate Archive.”
  • T.N. Dorokhova, Nikolay I. Dorokhov, Ivan L.Andronov “Time-resolving monitoring of V603Aql”

  • A.K. Markina, L.Ya. Skoblikova «Statistical characteristics of the hyperbolic meteors orbits»

  • V.V. Orlov, S.K. Panishko «The power estimation of the random signal on the base of the correlation space processing»

  • S.V. Vasilyeva, A.V. Yushchenko, V.F. Gopka, N.S. Komarov «Abundances of heavy elements in the atmospheres of k supergiants in the small magellanic cloud»

  • M.P. Yasinskaya, A.V. Dragunova «Interstellar absorption in some directions»

  • V.A. Smirnov “The wave principle of the distribution of substance in solar system”

  • Potjekhin A. F. “To the question of the principle of equivalence in the Einstein's GTR”
  • N. G. Paltsev, N.I. Koshkin «The complex of methods and algorithms for the photometric and coordinate control of space»
  • V. V. Mikhalchuk «Determination of planetocentric coordinates of albedo details on surface of the spherical planet and some points of the illuminated part of planet’s visible disk under various phase angles from ground telescopic observations»

18.00 - 18.30   Closing of the Conference

19.00 - 22.00   Seashore-session  



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