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3. Attitude coefficients data files

  1. Attitude data are arranged in 6 files. Every file contains the information corresponding to one calendar year.
    Every line of file consists of a set of attitude coefficients.

  2. Data format is ASCII.

  3. Format of a line (in FORTRAN specifications):
      1X,I5 - line number
      1X,I4,1X,I2,1X,I2,1X,F7.3 - YYYY MM DD TS - interval beginning, UT
      1X,F7.3 - TS - interval duration
      5(1X,F) - A1, ..., A5
      5(1X,F) - B1, ..., B5
      2(1X,F) - ω1, ω5
      2(1X,F) - c1, c5
    Note: TS - thousands of seconds in a day

    Download attitude data files:

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