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spaceweb@oulu.fi - last update: 2 December 1998, 1450 UT (RR)


December 2

A word of explanation. The activity you have been witnessing at this site is due to our decision to present the textbook in the AGU meeting next week (there will be a poster and computer with internet access). Because of this, I have taken the liberty to work on the text during the last ten days or so even during office hours (and I confess that this is why I made the submission in the first place: to be able to work on the text more). We are now back on our normal routine, and you can't expect quite similar activity anymore.

I think I managed to get something done during this time, and I hope you agree. I know that I may have somewhat more positive attitude to the whole project than some other people I know, but it is due to the fact that I don't see so much what we have here just now, but more what the book could be if worked on hard enough. And the work will continue...

December 1

I added, e.g., some notes about the solar cycle control of cosmic rays. Templates for auroral kilometric radiation, auroral hiss, and F10.7 created.

November 30

I fixed the bad ion outflow page, but then it grew out of my hands. Ok, I won't take it apart until I get some text about higher frequency waves in the first place (this is a start, actually).

November 29

Quite a bit of changes in many pages, but the main new page is the one about magnetospheric plasma sources. This means that I also should work on ion outflow page more... I also separated pages for polar wind and polar rain from the polar cap page. A page for enhanced aurora was started.

November 27

New stuff on plasma sheet and magnetopause pages. Also some minor changes, including a couple of historical points about solar wind and one such about whistlers.

November 26

I started cleaning also the main aurora page, moving some stuff to the discrete and diffuse pages (yes, the later one contains finally some text).

Also, the main magnetosphere page is rewritten.

November 25

The discrete aurora page changed, and separate pages for auroral bulge and omega bands created. Also the arc page somewhat improved, and a skeleton for deformed arcs exists. Page for auroral afternoon spots and sun-aligned arcs started.

November 24

Some title page changes. New page for global change started.

Some changes also within the atmosphere and ionosphere pages, and text has been rearranged somewhat when discussing convection in ionosphere (here) and magnetosphere (here).

November 20

Page about ionospheric troughs written. One about auroral arcs and proton aurora started. I also separated the space weather text from the storm page to a separate page.

Note that the arc page was created during a cleaning up process and is not a "proper" page yet. The text for frictional heating originated from an old work that had nothing to do with web: it contained a lot of equations, and I just dumped selected prose parts with word "friction" into the web page for safekeeping. That is why it was so confusing. Now parts of that text can be found in the incoherent scatter page, and the mentioned arc page. (There is also at least three other pages that should be cleaned that way, about the SAR arcs, low latitude aurorae, and ion outflow.)

November 18

Atmosphere page started, and some additions to the ionosphere page (a figure!).

November 16

I came up with some references about flickering aurora, and I created that page to save them for future use...

November 13

Pages for Schumann resonances, ionospheric waveguide, and ionospheric Alfven resonator started. The ionosphere page modified accordingly.

September 26

New page for heliosphere (incl. heliopause and helio-sheath) started. Also some rearrangement of material in pages for Sun, sunspots, and solar cycle.

September 21

New pages about ring current and coronal mass ejections created.

September 20

Quite a few changes in the pages I have been working on lately, and a new one: coronal holes

September 19

I created a new Content page, as both the alphabetic page listing and (especially) the "index" listing were getting seriously out of my hands. At the same time I noted that a couple of pages were not in the lists at all.

Page for sunspots was created.

September 13

New page for geomagnetic activity written, and another one for 1.3 year periodicity of the sun started. Smaller changes in many related pages.

September 12

We apologize the problems you have encoutered lately with our service(s) if you come outside the oulu.fi - domain. The computer centre has some major hardware problems, and also we here in Oulu are not able to connect outside during these problem times. The matter is being investigated (like today, when the connections have been (and will be) down for hours).

Page for solar flares was separated from the Sun page. Only a template so far, actually, but the move makes the Sun page cleaner.

September 11

Some minor changes in our pages for sun and solar wind.

September 4

We are going to advertise ourselves in the forthcoming AGU Fall Meeting. See our abstract about our service.

May 12

Our email address has changed from the spaceweb@skynet.oulu.fi to a shorter form spaceweb@oulu.fi. The new address has been working for some weeks now, and the old address is going to work for some time ahead. However, it will cease to work, eventually, without warning. Please note the new address, and note also that some of our pages still mention the old address. We will correct the pages when there is time...

May 10

Also page for substorm injections and plasmoids have been created. In general, many substorm related pages have been edited.

May 5

Page for substorm triggering started, and the substorm models page has been updated (it was separated from the main substorm page a while ago).

December 12

The pulsating aurora page has finally gotten some text in it. Our students Jouni Jussila and Reijo Manninen are to be thanked for that!

By the way, I started at the same time a project to move textbook pages into subfolders. This is of no interest to you otherwise than that it may result into occasional non-working links. I try to avoid that, of course, but you know how it is...

July 1

Page for field line resonances created.

April 30

Page for magnetopause started.

February 18

Page for black aurora started.

January 8

Page for Drifting electron holes started.