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The Magnetospheric Yellow Pages were originally developed on a volunteer basis and were hosted by Los Alamos National Laboratory at the URL http://leadbelly.lanl.gov/spds/ They were also known as the Magnetospheric On-Line Data system (MOLD) which was part of the larger, but still grass-roots Space Physics Data System (SPDS).

As the number of magnetospheric web sites expanded a more directed approach was required. Therefore the Magnetospheric Yellow Pages were moved to a more permenant site at http://nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov/spdf/yellow-pages/ Updating and re-design of the Magnetospheric Yellow Pages is currently being funded by Goddard Space Flight Center through Hughes STX.

Many changes can be expected over the next few months to years. Please be patient with the redesign and face lift but please notify us if you find any problems.


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