Jupiter XIV - 1979J2


Thebe [THEE-bee] is the fourth known satellite of Jupiter. Thebe was a nymph and the daughter of the river god Asopus. Thebe rotates synchronously around Jupiter. Very little is known about this moon.

Thebe Statistics
 Discovered byStephen Synnott 
 Date of discovery1979 
 Mass (kg)7.77e+17 
 Mass (Earth = 1)1.3002e-07 
 Radius (km)55x45 
 Radius (Earth = 1)8.6234e-03 
 Mean density (gm/cm^3)1.5 
 Mean distance from Jupiter (km)221,895 
 Rotational period (days)0.674536 
 Orbital period (days)0.674536 
 Mean orbital velocity (km/sec)23.93 
 Orbital eccentricity0.0183 
 Orbital inclination (degrees)1.0659 
 Escape velocity (km/sec)0.0434 
 Visual geometric albedo0.05 
 Magnitude (Vo)15.7 

Views of Thebe

Discovery Image
This is one of the discovery images (FDS 16383.54) of Thebe. It was taken by the Voyager 1 spacecraft 4 hours 26 minutes before the closest approach to Jupiter. This image is a wide angle picture taken at a range 4.3x105 kilometers. The dark circular disk is the shadow of Thebe and not the actual planet. Once the shadow images were analyzed, Thebe was located on several other images. (Credit: Calvin J. Hamilton)

This image of Thebe (FDS 16220.56) was taken by the Voyager 1 spacecraft on February 27, 1979. Thebe is the small dark dot above the arrow. (Credit: Calvin J. Hamilton)


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Synnott, S. P. "Orbits of the Small Inner Satellites of Jupiter." Icarus 58, 1984.


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Author: Calvin J. Hamilton.