Институт Космических Исследований
Институт Космических Исследований
Space Research Institute


Main research and development work completed in 2009 and ready for implementation

  • An automatic method for terrestrial ecosystems dynamic mapping with Earth observation data. Development of the Northern Eurasia land cover map based on medium spatial resolution satellite data.

    An improved locally adaptive supervised classification method for the land cover mapping using Earth observation data has been developed. Detailed a priori probability databases has been implemented to describe the spatial extent of land cover types. This ensured a possibility to involve a number of auxiliary thematic products into classification of cloud-free MODIS composite images. These products have been derived using specialized methods including satellite observation time series analysis (e.g. burnt area data), GIS analysis (e.g. tundra and steppe areas) and using expert knowledge concerning global spatial biome distribution and structure.

    The computing system developed to perform the locally adaptive supervised classification algorithm has been optimized for multiply repeated classifications procedure. This option is important to ensure high computational efficiency when there is need for product improvement as result of introduction of new thematic or regional expertise, or to eliminate misclassification by reference data modification and satellite images reclassification. The data processing performance was increased due to selection of areas of interest among the entire territory and therefore reduction of computation time. It made possible to update the classification product versions regularly. Classification control and data access facilities have been implemented in the web interface.

    The first version of the Vegetation Cover of Russia map has been completed. It is based on Terra-MODIS data for the year 2005 and has spatial resolution of 250 meters. Monthly of cloud and snow free image mosaics have been used for classification. As the sources of reference data the SPOT-Vegetation based GLC2000 map, the USSR forest map, Circumpolar Arctic Vegetation Map and others have been involved. The legend of the new map consists of 21 land cover classes, including 8 types of different forest types.

    Fig. The vegetation cover map of Russia

    An experimental possibility of multi-year vegetation cover dynamics mapping has been assessed. The reference databases prepared considering year 2005 have been used for retrospective vegetation mapping for year 2002. The experiment proved the concept of possibility of mapping repeatability in multi-year time series of satellite images. The ongoing investigation is aimed at differentiation of detected vegetation changes into the major categories, including the forest damage, regrowth, vegetation types replacement and some other.

  • The research and development has been completed of the first in Russia and in the whole world high-speed digital streams decoder for space and satellite channels with extremely high noise levels. This decoder is based on the multithreshold decoding (MTD) algorithms being developed in the Space Reasearch Institute.

    The created device of error correction at the speeds more than 1 Gbps allows to solve all problems of communication and on any way high speeds of data transmission up to 30 Gbps and more due to an opportunity of new patented decisions in 2007-09 in SRI of the Russian academy of sciences for the Space researches direction. Application MTD decoders principles, till now not used abroad, allows to raise in many times efficiency of very dear satellite and Space communication channels. It is equivalent to simultaneous launch at the earth orbit at once from 3 up to 8 the space vehicles which ones are not using effective coding which will be equivalent only to one satellite for DES, containing such systems of noiseproof coding with MTD algorithms, developed in SRI of the Russian academy of sciences. MTD algorithms may be directly applied and in all digital general purpose communication channels with especially high requirements to reliability of data transmission. On this theme in 2009 18 works were published, and also the patents for the invention are received.

    Researches on the given subjects are supported by the grant of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research № 08-07-00078.

    V.V.Zolotarev, Dr.Sc., prof., the Winner of the Russian Federation Government premium on a sciences and techniques
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    Main research and development work completed in 2008 and ready for implementation