The deadline for submitting abstracts is May 31, 2004

Please, send the abstracts to the convener of the session where you would like to present your talk or poster as well as to LOC. LOC E-mail address is The convener will make the selection of talks and the choice between the oral one and poster presentation. 

The LaTeX template for abstracts is below, and should not exceed one page. Figures and tables may be included.

%%%%%%%%% Beginning of the LaTeX template

\oddsidemargin 5mm
\evensidemargin 5mm
\topmargin -14mm
\textwidth 163mm
\textheight 240mm
\setcounter{page}{1}% the first page # to be changed by the Editors
{\sl Ivan I. Ivanov$^1$, Jack J. Jackson$^2$}\\[2mm]
{\em $^1$ Department of Astronomy, Odessa State University\\
T.G.Shevchenko Park Odessa 270014 Ukraine\\\\
$^2$ ...}\\[2mm]
%Extended abstract not larger than 1 page
Previous science was a huge error.
This research will change the situation.
Unfortunately, the length of the abstract will not exceed one page.
However, do not hope it will be shorter!

% please insert a figure, if needed.
% please name Your files as "Your_name1.pcx" rather than "Odessa1.pcx"
%\put(0,62){\special{em:grnaph figure1.pcx}}
\caption{My model: $10^{80}$ white lines on the white backgrnound.}
%%%%% end of the figure

{\it Acknowledgements.} The authors are thankful to anybody who
has read this contribution to the end.
{\bf References\\[1mm]}
Ivanov I.I.: 1994, {\it Odessa Astron. Publ.,} {\bf 7}, 49.\\
Thorstensen J.R., Ringwald F.A., Wade R.A., Schmidt G.D.,
Northworthy J.E.: 1991,\h {\it A. J.}, {\bf 102}, 272.
{\it Key words:} According to the AAA list.
%%%%%%%%% End of the LaTeX template


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