Space Research Institute

   Workshop HEND-2003

The Second year of HEND operations on the NASA Mars orbiter 2001 Mars Odyssey

June 9, 2003Welcoming remarks
G.W. McSmith
NASA 2001 Mars Odyssey mission status
V. N. Zharkov, T.V. Gudkova
Internal structure of Mars
M. Hecht
Where did all that water come from? Models and speculations about insolation-driven ovement of water on Mars
M.Y. Marov
Mars Exploration: Goals and Plans
C. DUston
GRS data analysis and interpretation
R.C. Reedy
Elemental Mapping of Mars Using Gamma Rays: First Multi-Element Results.
I.G. Mitrofanov
HEND status. Latest results
Earth analogs of Martian Permafrost
M.L. Litvak
CO2 deposit at polar regions. Comparison between HEND and MOLA
June 10, 2003V.I. Tretyakov
HEND data for solar events and for orbital variations of background
R.O. Kuzmin
Distribution of free water in Mars subsurface based on HEND data onboard 2001 Mars Odyssey
V.I. Moroz
Mission Mars Express: Scientific tasks
The HEND experiment finds and stange properties of Martian gullies
M.A. Kreslavsky
Peculiar texture of high-latitude ground-ice-rich terrains
S. Charyshnikov
Comparison between neutron data from HEND and gamma-ray data from GRS
M.A. Ivanov
Geological interpretations of water rich equatorial regions
A.B. Ivanov
Mars Polar Layered Terrains : observations from THEMIS investigation
Model-dependent deconvolution of HEND neutron data by MCNPX code procedures
A.B. Sanin
HEND program of GRB observations
V. Grinkov
Robotic algorithm of HEND detection of GRBs
A.S. Kozyrev
HEND physical calibrations: status report
A.I. Tsygan
Numerical modeling of energy-angular distribution of secondary neutrons above the Martian surface
Z-dependent model of neutron leakage flux from Mars produced by galactic cosmic rays based on MCNPX calculations
V.I. Tretyakov
BTN HEND analog on international space station
I.G. Mitrofanov
Nuclear Instruments for future planetary exploration
June 11, 200310:00-14:001.Discussions of HEND data products
2.Topics related with HEND data analysis