Институт Космических Исследований


Moscow, 24 - 27 November, 2014


The Scientific Programme Sections

  1. The interaction of waves and charged particle with homogeneous and inhomogeneous media

    —  the mode conversion, the resonance tunneling of waves in stratified media, the charged particles acceleration, the wave barrier transillumination, the radiation of slow waves from the inhomogeneous dense plasma, the instability of fast beam-plasma system, the influence of chirality, helicity and nonlinearity on these processes, applications in hydrodynamics, plasmas, astrophysics and nanophysics

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  2. Large-scale instabilities in hydrodynamics and plasmas

    —  nonlinear stabilization, the helicity, rotation and small-scale structures influence, the precursors of crisis processes development, the modeling of coherent structures evolution, applications in the development of natural disasters forecasting methods, for the helical structures generation in plasmas and astrophysics

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  3. The turbulence in plasmas and in the atmosphere and MHD-turbulence

    —   methods of analytical description and computer simulations, the direct and inverse cascades for an energy and helicity, the analysis and modeling of multifractal characteristics of turbulent fields, the influence of intermittency and coherent structures presence, the studying of role of small-scale components interaction with large-scale ones, the influence of turbulence on energy and mass transport, rebuilding processes, methods of the turbulent fields data processing and results obtained interpretations, the generation of fast charged particle fluxes by turbulent electromagnetic fields in the laboratory plasma and space one

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