IKI - MSR Research Workshop

Space Research Institute (IKI), Moscow, Russia
11 June, 2009

10:00-11:30 Morning session 1, Chair: Sergey Bartalev

  • Welcome from Sergey Bartalev (IKI) (audio)
  • Welcome from Fabrizio Gagliardi (Microsoft Research) (audio)

  • Jean-Jacques Levy (INRIA), Microsoft Research-INRIA Joint Centre (abstract, ppt, audio)
  • Ivan Mura (CoSBi), CoSBiLab: a software framework to support the incremental modeling of biological systems (pdf, audio)
  • Osman Unsal (BSC), Barcelona Supercomputing Center (pdf, audio)

    12:00-14:00 Morning session 2, Chair: Jean-Jacques Levy

  • Sergey Bartalev (IKI), Monitoring and understanding of changing environment using Earth observation satellite data and informational technologies (abstract, ppt, audio)
  • Mikhail Tolstykh (INM), Numerical weather prediction: current state and perspectives (ppt, audio)
  • Mikail Zhizhin (IKI and GC), Storage, Mining and Visualization of Environmental Data Archives (abstract, audio)
  • Sergey Berezin (IKI and MSU), Visualization algorithms overview (abstract, audio)

    15:00-16:30 Afternoon session 1, Chair: Ivan Mura

  • Anatoly Petrukovich (IKI), Technologies of short term space weather forecast (abstract, ppt, audio)
  • Tamara Breus (IKI), Linear and Conjunctional Methods for Recognition of Environmental Influence on the Human Organism (ppt, audio)
  • Elena Surovyatkina (IKI), Dynamics of multilevel nonlinear processes on the example of a single cardiac cell (abstract, audio)

    17:00-18:30 Afternoon session 2, Chair: Osman Unsal

  • Alexander Moskovsky (IPS), SKIF-GRID supercomputing program: current activity and future plans (abstract, ppt, audio)
  • Yaroslav Kholodov (MIPT), HPC algorithms for modeling super-molecular assemblies on GPU (abstract, audio)
  • Alexey Lobanov (MIPT), Mathematical modeling of human blood coagulation (abstract, audio)