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December, 20

S.I. Ipatov (University of Maryland, USA)

"Deep Impact: Excaving Comet Tempel 1"  

November, 22

A. Dyachenko (ITP RAS)

"Numerical simulation of Freak Waves"  

November, 15

Professor S.I. Popel (Institute for Dynamics of Geospheres RAS)

"Nano- and Microscale Particles in Natural Phenomena and Plasmas" (Studies at the Institute for Dynamics of Geospheres RAS)

November, 1

Leonid Ksanfomaliti (IKI)

"Extrarasolar planetary systems:  regularities are found out"

Oktober, 13

Prof. Sir  Ian Axford (Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, Katlenburg-Lindau)

"Climate Change"

July, 14 

Professor Richard Lovelace (Cornell University, USA)

"Formation of Relativistic Jets"

June, 2 

Professor Wang Chi (China Academy of Sciences Center of Space Research)

"Brief description of structure and problems solved in the China Academy of Sciences Center of Space Research. 3-D global modeling of interplanetary bow shock interaction with magnetosphere"

May, 24 

D.I. Iudin (Radiophysical Research Institute, Nizhny Novgorod)

"Active systems fractal dynamics"

May, 12 (Thursday)

Prof. Thierry J.-L. Courvoisier  (Director of the INTEGRAL Science Data Center, Geneva Observatory)

"Some recent results of INTEGRAL"

April, 21 (Thursday)

Vahe Peroomian (University of California, Institute of Geophysics and Planet Physics, USA)

"Interaction of ionospheric and magnetospheric plasmas. Completion of magnetosphere by Oxygen"

April, 19 (Thursday)

I.M. Sidorov (IKI)

"Opportunity to conduct the space flight, based on the use of gravitational forces in vicinities of planets"

April, 14 (Thursday)

L.I. Gurvits (Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe Dwingeloo, The Netherlands)

"Radio interferometry at the edge of the Universe and in the Solar System"

April, 5 (Thursday)

V.P. Budaev (Nuclear Fusion Institute, RRC Kurchatov Institute)

"Superdiffusion and multifractal statistics of edge plasma turbulence in fusion devices"

March, 31 (Thursday)

O.A. Sinkevich  (Moscow Energetic Institute)

"Mechanisms resulting to tornadoes generation"

March, 15

B.V. Somov  (Solar Physics Department, Astronomical Institute, Moscow State University)

"Solar Flare Physics"

February, 22

E. Polyachenko  (INASAN)

"Collective processes and structures in spiral galaxies"  - on Doctor of Science Thesis

February, 15

L. Ksanfomaliti (IKI) 

"The Dark Universe.  Surprise of Cosmology to 100-years Anniversary of Einstains Invention"
(popular discription of the problem).

February, 8

A.V. Gordeev (Russian Research Center  “Kurchatov Institute”), T.V. Losseva (Institute of Geospheres Dynamics RAS)

"Eletromagnetic model of  a lightning dart leader in the earth atmosphere"  

January, 27

Maria T. Zuber (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)  

"Seasonal Changes and Present-day Volatile Abundances on Mars"

January, 25

Yu. N. Gnedin  (Main Astronomical Observatory RAS)

"Magnetic fields of the AGN and Quasars: trends of their discovery"