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November, 30

Sergei Ipatov (Catholic University of America)

"Migration of small bodies and dust in the solar system"  

November, 29

G. N. Kichigin  (Institute of Solar and Earth Physics, Irkutsk)

"Serfotron mechanism of cosmic ray acceleration in the galactic plasma"  

September, 21

Maxim Litvak  (IKI)

"Studying of nuclear radiation from martian subsurface based on HEND data"  

September, 14

V.V. Zolotarev  (IKI)

"Usage  of  the  contemporary  methods of  noiseproof  coding in  the  projects  of  the  Space  researches"  

July, 15

1. Prof. Anagnostopoulos 
    Father George  (Greece)

"Energetic particles in the heliospere and planetary magnetosperes"

2. Grigory Vekstein  (School of Physics and Astronomy, The University of Manchester, United Kingdom)

"Probing the mechanism of coronal heating with variability of the solar X-ray and EUV emission"  

June, 29

Sergey Savin (IKI)

"Interaction of the solar plasma with hot boundary layers at high latitudes of geomagnetic trap: dynamic transfer processes and acceleration"  

May, 27

V.N. Binhi  (General Physics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences)

"Theoretical investigations in magnetobiology" 

May, 18

A.V. Zaitsev (Planetary Defense Center)

"International planetary defense system "Citadel" principles of construction"  

May, 11

S.L. Shalimov (Institute of Earth Physics)

"Planetary wave action upon the ionosphere"  

April, 20

A.S. Kovaleva (IKI)

"Stochastic resonance and synchronization in a multistable system"  

April, 13

Corresponding Member of RAS A.A. Vedenov (Kurchatov's Institute)

"RNA world on planets" 

March, 30

S.G. Moiseenko (IKI)

"Magnetorotational supernova"  

March, 23

Prof. V.A. Dogiel (I.E.Tamm Theoretical Physics Division, P.N.Lebedev Physical Institute)

"Particle acceleration in the interstellar medium and origin of the hard X-ray emission from the
Galactic disk"  

March, 16

K.V. Chukbar    (Kurchatov's Institute)

"Linear and nonlinear vibrations in vortex lattices"  

March, 11 

E. Churazov (IKI, MPA)

"Stability of cold fronts in clusters of galaxies"  

March, 2

L. B. Leinson    (IZMIRAN)

"Neutrino processes in cooling neutron stars"  

January, 21

1. K.M. Kuzanyan (IZMIRAN)

"Asymptotic dynamo-wave models of solar magnetic activity"  

2. V. A. Fedorov ("Mints Radiotechnical Institute". Joint Stock Company)

"Dynamics of the Electrons Plasma Layer in the Vicinity of Electric Isolated, Conductive, Positively Charged Body"  

January, 13

F.I. Vysikaylo  

"Analytical and numerical modelling of electric field cumulation in dissipative structures and their regular systems in gas discharge plasma"  

January, 6

P.B. Ivanov (ACC LPI) 

"Tidal interaction of convective planet with a star"