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December, 23

G.V. Levina  (Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics) 

"Laboratory Experiments to Modell of Large-Scale Convective Helical Vortices in a Rotating Fluid"  

December, 16 

1. Dr. O.F. Petrov (Institute for High Energy Densities Russian Academy of Sciences)

"Collective phenomena in dusty plasmas under laboratory and microgravity conditions"

2. Prof. Thierry J.-L. Courvoisier, Director of the INTEGRAL Science Data Center, L'Observatoire, Universite de Geneve

"The INTEGRAL mission and its first results"

December, 11

S.E. Shnoll

"At the origin of molecular biology"

December, 2

J. Buechner (MPA, Germany)

"Reconnection - new basic results and solar simulations"

October, 30

Larry Esposito (University of Colorado, USA)

"Projects of future Venus exploration" 

October, 24

1. V.Yu. Zaburdaev, K.V. Chukbar (Kurchatov's Institute)

"Memory effects in the accidental transport" 

2. D.L. Vainchtein (IKI RAN; Dept. of Mechanical and Environmental Engineering, University of California Santa Barbara, USA)

"On Control of vortex interaction"

October, 17

V.M. Kulygin ( NSC "Kurchatov Institute")

"The Space Expansion of Mankind" 

October, 8  

L.V. Ksanfomality (IKI)

"Extrasolar planetary systems" (according to 25 GA IAU)

October, 2

V. Sotnikov

"Simulation of  Z-pinch"

September 25

A.G. Kosovichev (Stanford University)

"New results on Solar Structure and Dynamics and Solar Space Observatories"

August, 7 

Profesor R. Lovelace (Cornell University, USA)

1. "Relativistic Poynting Jets from Accretion Disks"
2. "Instability of  Rotating Relativistic Electron Layers and Coherent Synchrotron Radiation" 

July, 24  

M.G. Revnivtsev (IKI)

"Cosmic X-ray background. A short history and the latest progress"  

July 10

1. A.A.  Lutovinov (IKI)

"First results of INTEGRAL observatory" 

2. S.V. Mol'kov (IKI)

"Observations of Aql X-1 region with INTEGRAL"

June 18

Dr. L. Poustilnik, Dr. G. Yomdin (Sea of Galilee Astrophysical Observatory, Jordan Valley College; Israel Space Weather Center, Israel Space Agency & Tel Aviv University, Israel )

"Influence  of solar activity  on wheat prices  in the medieval England

June 5

T. Owen ( University of Hawaii, USA )

"Composition of Jupiter Atmosphere. Gallileo Mission Data

May 29

P.B. Rutkevich (IKI)

"Convective ans Rotational Instabilities in Moist Air"

May 22

A. Sanin (IKI)

"The emission time of Gamma-Ray Bursts"

April  24

L.V. Ksanfomaliti (IKI)

"The flows and pools on Mars"

April  17

1. K. A. Boyarchuk (IZMIRAN), A.V. Karelin (IOFRAN)

"On the possible mechanisms of neutral clusters (NC) generation, methods of their detection and NC-influence on the atmoshperic parameters"  

2. A. Pozanenko (IKI), V.Rumyantsev (CrAO), M. Ibrahimov (UBAI), S.Bondar' (Kosmoten), G.Beskin (SAO) on behalf of large collaboration

"Optical afterglow of GRB030329:  first results and  new approaches to observations"

3. Short communication (15 min.)

R. Burenin, R. Sunyaev, M. Pavlinsky, D. Denissenko, O. Terekhov, A. Tkachenko (IKI); Z. Aslan, I. Khamitov, K. Uluc (TUG); U. Kiziloglu, A. Alpar, A. Baykal (METU); I. Bikmaev, N. Sakhibullin, V. Suleymanov (KGU)

"GRB 030329 optical afterglow observations on the 1.5-m Russian-Turkish telescope RTT150"

April  3

A. V. Dorodnitsyn (IKI)

"Radiation-driven winds from stars and Active Galactic Nuclei"  

March  20

V. N. Zharkov, T.V. Gudkova (Institute of Earth Physics)

"Construction of the model of the internal structure of Mars"  
Plan of talk

March  6

A. Petrukovich (IKI)

"Dynamics and structure of the Earth's magnetotail in its interaction with the interplanetary magnetic field"  

February  27

D. Semikoz (Max-Planck-Institut fur Physik, Theory Division)

"Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays: status of the problem"  

February  20  

V. Izmodenov (MSU)

"The heliospheric interface: theory and observations"

February  13  

1.V.S. Ptuskin (IZMIRAN)

"The cosmic rays origin"

2. M.V. Barkov (IKI)

"Model of ejection of matter from nonstationary dense stellar clusters and chaotic motion of gravitating shells"

February  5

E.B. Gliner (Theoretial Research Institute, San Francisco)

"What vacuum is?"

January 30

I.V. Kholin (IKI)

"Mercury physical librations measuring by interferometry of speckle displacements method"

January 15  

T.K. Breus (IKI)

"The solar activity influence onto biological objects"