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December 27  

Seminar dedicated to project "Venus Express"

1. D. V. Titov  (IKI) 
"The project "Venus Express": scientific goals, structure and mission scenario

2. V. I. Moroz, V. Formizano, L. V. Zasova, N. V. Ignatyev 
"Planetary Fourier spectrometer: Venus atmospheric probing from the surface  up to 100 km"

3. D. V. Titov, Yu. Nikolskiy 
"VMC monitoring chamber"

4. O. I. Korablev et al.
Scientific goals of SPICAV and SOIR experiments"

5. I. I. Vinogradov, A. V. Kiselev, O. I. Korablev 
"A state of SOIR device development"

6. L. V. Zasova  et al.
"The problem of
Venus atmospheric probing in UV range"


December 23  

S. Yu. Sazonov (IKI) 

Talks of IKI collaborators, first place winners in the institute competition of scientific publications:

«Constraining the past X-ray luminosity of AGN in clusters of galaxies: The role of resonant scattering» 

December 19  

1. I. G. Mitrofanov (IKI) 

Talks of IKI collaborators, first place winners in the institute competition of scientific publications:

«Maps of Subsurface Hydrogen from the High Energy Neutron Detector, Mars Odyssey» 

2. G. M. Shved (SPb University) 

«Non-equilibrium CO2 infrared emission in the atmosphere of Mars» 

November  21 

Prof. G.S. Bisnovaty-Kogan  (IKI) 

"Magnetic field generation during accretion into black holes"

October  31 

S.N. Rodionov  (IKI) 

"Nuclear anti-missile defence"

October  30 

Prof. Pierrette DECREAU (Orlean University) 

"The Whisper experiment on-board the Cluster mission:
multipoint observations on density and wave structures"

October  17 

Prof. Tom Gehrels  (University of Arizona, USA) 

"News about the asteroids hunting"

October  3

Dr.  O. B. Novik (MSGSU). 

"Seismo-Electromagnetic Signals above the Ocean: from the Earth's Upper Mantle  to Ionosphere (physics, the mathematical model and the numerical simulation)"

October  2 

1. Dr. Christoph Winkler (Astrophysics Mission Division Research & Scientific Support Department ESA, Netherlands) 

"The INTEGRAL Mission"

2. Dr. Arvind Parmar (Astrophysics Mission Division Research & Scientific Support Department ESA, Netherlands) 

"ESA's Future Programme in High-Energy Astronomy"

September 20 

Prof. Fumiaki   Nagase (Center for Planning and Information System, Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, Japan) 

"Recent progress in the research of X-ray pulsars"

September 12 

1. Prof. Hiroshi Tsunemi  (Graduate School of Science, Earth and Space Science Osaka University) 

"X-ray observation of middle-aged SNRs"
"Development of the CCD for X-ray use in Japan"

2. Prof. R. Fisher (NASA HQ) 

"NASA space physics programm"

September 13 

1. Prof. T. Mukai (ISAS) 

"Japaneese planetary programms and BEPI-Colombo"

2. M. Lyutikov (McGill Univ., MIT, CITA) 

"Magnetic explosions and physics of Gamma-Ray Bursts"

September 5

A. D.  Kaminker 

"Neutrino emmission from neutron stars"

August 16 *

Andrzej A. Zdziarski  (N. Copernicus Astronomical Center, Warszawa, Poland)

"Radiative processes and variability of black hole binaries"

* A talk didn't take place because of absence of  Dr. Zdziarski 

May 24

V. N. Lutsenko (IKI)

"Almost monoenergetic ions – new source of information on the dynamics of space plasma current sheets"

May 15

The special IKI seminar dedicated to professor N. S. Erokhin sixtieth anniversary

1. N. S. Erokhin (IKI)

"Interaction of radiation  with heterogeneous surroundings"

2. Greetings

3. Unofficial discussion

April 25

O. L.Vaisberg (IKI)

"Evidence for closed structures at the magnetopause: a case for multiple reconnections"

April 18

A. G. Frank (General Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

"Experimental Research of Formation and Evolution of Current Sheets and Magnetic Reconnection Phenomena in 2D and 3D Magnetic Configurations"

April 4

1. Corresponding member of RAS, E. A. Kuznetsov

"The vortical structures collapse in hydrodynamics and Kolmogorov spectra forming"

2. M. V. Altaisky  (IKI)

"Langevin equation with scale-dependent noise" 

March 21

F. V. Dolzhansky  (Obukhov Institute of Atmospheric Physics, RAS)

"On relationships between the fundamental invariants in the hydrodynamics and in the solid state physics ones"

March 14

G. G. Managadze (IKI)

"Molecular synthesis in recombinating impact plasma" 

February 21  

1. Yu. I. Yermolaev (IKI)

"Space Weather: Myths and reality" 

2. E. A. Sharkov  (IKI)

"Global Tropical Cyclogenesis"

February 7

V. S. Beskin (FIAN)

"2D structure of thin accretion disks"

January 31 

The special IKI seminar dedicated to professor L.V. Ksanfomaliti seventieth anniversary

1. Ksanfomaliti L.V.  (IKI)

"Progress in Mercury Research " 

2. Greetings

January 24  

1.  O. I. Korablev. (IKI)

"The high resolution spectroscopy from space instruments to study planet atmospheres"

2. A.V.Milovanov.,  L.M.Zelenyi (IKI)

"Investigations of turbulent processes in the magnetosphere tail by fractal techniques".

January 10

Talks of IKI collaborators, first place winners in the institute competition of scientific publications:  

1. Vikhlinin A. A. 

"Cold Clouds Discovery at the Galaxy Clsuters"

2. Izakov M.N.

"Turbulence at Atmospheres of Mars and Venus