9-13 February, 2009

Moscow, Russia




Session 1: Missions to Jupiter system


Zelenyi L.

Russian program of planetary exploration


Lebreton J.-P. (Invited)

ESA Cosmic Vision programme: Outer Planet Mission studies


Blanc M., R. Pappalardo, R. Greeley, K. Clark, J.-P. Lebreton, A. Stankov, P. Grunthaner, P. Falkner, M Fujimoto, L. Zelenyi, (Invited)

The Europa-Jupiter System Mission: study results and prospects


Clark K., R. T. Pappalardo, R. Greeley, A. R. Hendrix, J. Boldt, T. Van Houten, I. Jun, R. Lock, J. Ludwinski, R. Rasmussen, G. Tan-Wang (Invited)

Status of NASA Jupiter Europa Orbiter Mission Concept Study



Viso Michel, Cassie Conley, Gherard Kminek (Invited)

Planetary Protection and the Icy Moons of the Giant Planets



Session 2: Technical aspects of the Europa Lander mission


Martynov M.B., Simonov A.V., Lomakin I.V., Zelenyi, L.M., Popov G.A. (Invited)

The concept of expedition to Europa, the Jupiters satellite


Hand K.P., A. Sengstacken, M. Rudolph, J. Lang, R. Amini, J. Ludwinski (Invited)

Stop and Drop Hard Lander Architectures for Europa Astrobiology Investigations



SCOUT- Europa Terrestrial Lander (ETL)


Akim E.L., V.V.Sasonov, V.A. Stepanyants, A.G. Tuchin

Navigation and control problems during low-thrust transfer from Earth to Jupiter


Podzolko M.V., I. V. Getselev, Yu. I. Gubar, I. S. Veselovsky, A. A. Sukhanov

Charged particle fluxes and radiation doses in Earth-Jupiter-Europa spacecrafts trajectory


Gurvits L.I., S.V. Pogrebenko, P.A. Fridman, G. Cimo

Planetary radio interferometry and Doppler experiment for a mission to Europa



Session 3: Europa environment


De Angelis G., J. E. Nealy, F. F. Badavi, B.M. Anderson, M. S. Clowdsley, J.W. Wilson

Models of the radiation environment in the Jupiter system: the case of Europa


Petrukovich A.A.

Plasma environment of Europa


Alexeev I.I., E. S. Belenkaya

Jovian magnetosphere: Magnetospheric magnetic field at Europa orbit and using magnetometer data to study of the Europa interior


Belenkaya E.S., Alexeev I.I. (POSTER PRESENTATION)

Solar Wind - Jovian Magnetosphere Coupling


Shematovich V. I. and R.E. Johnson

Near-surface atmosphere of Europa



Impact-Produced Exosphere of Europa



Session 4: Europa: origin, internal structure and geophysics


Kuskov O.L., V.A. Kronrod (Invited)

Internal structure of icy satellites of Jupiter


Makalkin A.B., V.A. Dorofeeva

Origin of Jupiters and Saturns regular satellites in circumplanetary disks


Hussmann H., F. Sohl, and J. Oberst:

Tidal Deformation and the Interior Structure of Europa



Gravitation-elastic waves in the system hidden ocean of the Jovian moon Europa ice shell


Rabinovich B.I.

About the Evidence of Existence of an Ocean at the Jovian Moon Europa Based on the Study of Its Ice Cover's Rotation


Khavroshkin O.B., V.V. Tsyplakov

Europa: seismic geophysics (The thematic field of researches)



Session 5: Europa: surface, geology and Landing site


Basilevsky A. (Invited)
Morphology and geochemistry of Europa: A comparative planetology view


Geissler Paul E. (CANCELED)

Geophysical investigations for a landed mission to Europa


Prockter L., Senske D.A. and G.W. Patterson (Invited)

Europa Regional-Scale Geology, Stratigraphy and Implications for Future Landers


Dalton J. B. (Invited)

The surface composition of Europa and implications for a landed mission


Ivanov M. (presented by R.Kuzmin)

Possible landing site on Europa


Patterson G.W., L.M. Prockter, C. Paranicas

Understanding Europas radiation environment and how it influences landing site characterization.


El Maarry M. R., Sierks H. (canceled)

Landing Site Candidates for a Europa Lander from the Galileo SSI and NIMS Instruments: A geologic and engineering perspective


Arnold G.E., H. Hiesinger (POSTER PRESENTATION)

Europa's surface composition and morphology implications to in situ target definitions



Session 6: Astrobiology


Prieto-Ballesteros O., J.A. Rodriguez Manfredi, Felipe Gómez-Gómez (Invited)

Astrobiology of Europa


Galchenko V. (Invited)

Cryptolife and Cryptobiosphere: Triads of Existence Conditions


Vorobyova E.

Search for Life on Europa: Objectives for Lander Mission


Managadze G. (Invited)

Inhabited Europa


Prieur Daniel

Life detection on Europa from al lander: metabolic signatures


Mukhin Lev (CANCELED)

Possible organic components for icy surface.


Gleeson D. F., R. T. Pappalardo, A. S. Templeton, S. E. Grasby, J. R. Spear and C. Williamson

An arctic analog to Europa: sings of life on the ice


Bulat S.A., I.A. Alekhina, J.-R. Petit

Life detection strategy for subglacial lake Vostok, Antarctica: lessons for bioexploration of the Jupiter Moon Europa


Managadze G. G., Moiseenko D.A., Chumikov A.E., Bondarenko A.I. (POSTER PRESENTATION)

Model of Europa and a possibility of organic compounds synthesis in an underwater torch



Session 7: In-situ measurements


Gowen R.A., A. Smith, I. A., Crawford, A. J. Ball , S. J. Barber, P. Church, Y. Gao , A. Griffiths, A. Hagermann, W. T. Pike, A. Phipps, S. Sheridan, M. R. Sims, D. L. Talboys, and N. Wells

Micro-penetrator for in-situ sub-surface investigations of Europa


Weiss P., K.L. Yung, N. Kömle, S.M. Ko, G. Kargl, E. Kaufmann

A thermal drill head for the exploration of subsurface ice layers on Europa


Chumachenko E.N., R. R. Nazirov, I. V. Logashina (POSTER PRESENTATION)

Mathematical simulation of cryobot movement


Lorenz Ralph D.

Tiltmeter for Europa lander: tidal distortion of the ice crust and long period seismometer.


Biele J., S. Ulmaec

In-situ analysis of Europa ices by melting probes


Gerasimov M.V.

Scientific tasks of the gas analytic package for the Europa lander


Brown P., H. OBrien, M.Dougherty, C. Carr, and I. MüllerWodarg

Concept magnetometer design for a Europa lander


Grigoriev A.V., Vorobeva E.A., Korolev Yu.N.

Search for signs of life by means of ATR spectroscopy (experiment MATROS)

Rodriguez-Manfredi J.A., O. Prieto-Ballesteros, F. Gomez, A. Sansano

Raman spectrometer for in-situ measurements on Europas surface


Bowden S.A. and R. Wilson

Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) as a low resource analytical measurement for direct life detection on icy moons


Wurz Peter, Marek Tulej, G.G. Managadze

In Situ Composition Analysis of Planetary Surfaces by Laser-Based Mass Spectrometry


Rodin A.V., G.N. Goltsman, N.A.Evdokimova, M.V.Gerasimov, I.I.Vinogradov, A.A.Fedorova

Search for complex organic matter and sounding of Europa surface by means of far IR & terahertz spectroscopy


Jessberger E.K., I. Rauschenbach, H. Henkel, S. Klinkner, H.-W. Huebers, S.G. Pavlov

GENTNER a miniaturized laser instrument for planetary in-situ analysis


Digel I., B. Dachwald G.M. Artmann, P. Linder, O. Funke

A concept of a probe for particle analysis and life detection in icy environments


Managadze G. G, Managadze N.G., Saralidze G. Z, Chumikov .., Peter Wurz

Mass spectrometric measuring complex for the detection of the signs of life in the ice surface of Europa


Tulej M., P. Wurz, M. Iakovleva, and D. Abplanalp (POSTER PRESENTATION)

A Laser-Ablation Mass Spectrometer For the Space Research


Ksanfomaliti L.V., Petrova E.V.

The diffraction camera for hunting up the microorganisms traces


Ozorovich Yu.R., Linkin V.M., Lukomsky A.K., Klimov S.I., Vaisberg O.L., Manukin A.B, Khavroshkin O.B (CANCELED)

Project Europa lander-Sounding: Experimental possibilities for complex sounding of the subsurface-electrical structure of Europa moon


Vaisberg O.L.

Space plasma instruments for planetary studies