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December, 23

S.I. Ipatov

"Formation and migration of planetesimals, small bodies and satellites"


December, 16

A.B. Shvartsburg, N.S. Erokhin

"Reflectionless tunneling of acoustic pulses and waves in gradient medium"


December, 9

O.F. Petrov

"Strongly non-ideal plasma at laboratory conditions and at conditions of microgravity:
methods of diagnostics and results of investigations"


December, 2

A.G. Tuchin (Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, Russian Academy of Sciences)

"Ballistic and navigation design of missions to the Moon, planets and small bodies of Solar system"



July, 8

T. Owen (USA)

"Search for Life in the Universe"


June, 9

V.V. Lebedev (Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics RAS)

"Kinematic magnetic dynamo in a random flow with strong average shear"

Co-author: I.V. Kolokolov



April, 7

Yoshiharu Omura (RISH, Kyoto University, Japan)

"Numerical simulation in space plasma physics: current state"


April, 6

Yoshiharu Omura (RISH, Kyoto University, Japan)

"Theory and simulation of the generation of whistler-mode chorus"


February, 4

M.V. Barkov (Space Research Institute)

"Close binary progenitors of gamma ray bursts"



January, 28

A.S. Bodrova (Moscow State University)

"Kinetic theory of nonequilibrium processes in systems of dissipative particles: application to astrophysical systems"


January, 21

M.A. Balikhin (Sheffield University, UK)

"Mirror waves: data versus analytical models"


January, 14

L.I. Matveenko (Space Research Institute)

"VLBI - fine structure of cosmic radiosources"