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December, 17

S.I. Ipatov (Catholic University of America, Washington, USA)

"Ejection of material from a comet after its collision with a smaller body,
probabilities of collisions of migrating small bodies and dust particles with planets, and formation of small body binaries"



October, 29

1. R.V. Baluev (Central (Pulkovo) Astronomical Observatory of RAS)

"Hints of the fourth planet in the υ Andromedae system"


2. M.A. Balikhin (Sheffield University, UK)

"Intercation of Solar wind with planets: Contribution of Venus Express"


October, 20

N.A. Bobrova (ITEP)

"Magnetohydrodynamic two-temperature equations for multicomponent plasma"

Co-author: P.V. Sasorov



October, 15

A.S. Petrosyan (Space Research Institute of RAS)

"Turbulence and breaks in complex hydrodynamic flows of fluid and plasma"
(on basis of doctoral thesis)


October, 8

1. A.F. Zakharov (Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics)

"Exoplanet searches with microlensing"


2. V.M. Radchenko (SSC RIAR, Dimitrovgrad)

"Ionizing radiation sources on the basis of transplutonium elements for scientific research"


September, 24

Therese Moretto Jorgensen

(Program Director Upper Atmospheric Research Section National Science Foundation, Division of Atmospheric Sciences)

1. "The scientific promise of pico-satellites: Current and future projects in the US National Science Foundation CubeSat program"

2. "The CubeSat experience: hands-on, end-to-end space mission education and training for engineering and space physics students"


September, 23

Michael Hesse (Space Weather Laboratory, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, GreenbeltUSA)

"The inner workings of magnetic reconnection: diffusion region in the balance"


September, 17

B.N. Breizman (The University of Texas, Austin)

"Ion acceleration by hot electrons in microclusters. Nonlinear physics of interaction of laser radiation with microclusters"


September, 10

A.V. Gurevich (LPI RAS)

"Breakdown of runaway electrons and investigation of electric discharges in upper atmosphere"


August, 19

1. Alex Ukhorsky (Johns Hopkins University, APPLIED PHYS LAB)

"Transport and acceleration of particles in outer radiation belts project RBSP (rad bels storm probe)"

2. Robyn Millan (Dartmouth College)

"BARREL: A Balloon Array for studying relativistic electron losses during the RBSP mission"

3. Discussion on Joint investigations of REsonance and RBSP missions.

Chair: M.M. Mogilevsky.


August, 14

S. Bulanov (GPI RAS)

"Perspectives of laser thermonuclear fusion".


May, 21

M.G. Shnirman (MITP RAN)

"Long-term evolution of 27 days signal in solar activity and terrestrial magnetic indices – common features and differences".



May, 12

V.A. Rubakov (INR RAS)

"Warm dark matter and Large Hadron Collider".


April, 28

Vladimir A. Krasnopolsky (Department of Physics, Catholic University of America)

"Russian missions to the Moon, Venus, and Mars in the 1960s".



April, 2

E.A. Kasatkina (Institute of North Industrial Ecology Problems, Kola Science Center RAS, Apatity, Murmansk region)

"Global and regional aspects of the solar and cosmophysical factor influence on the atmosphere, climate and environment".



March, 11

Sergey Bulat (Division of Molecular and Radiation Biophysics, Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute, St. Petersburg-Gatchina, Russia)

"Biogeochemical study of subglacial Lake Vostok accretion ice: searching for alien life in extreme conditions".



March, 5

V.M. Linkin (Space Research Institute of RAS (IKI))

"Fast Flight To The Solar System Periphery".

Co-authors: V.M. Gotlib, A.B. Manukin, A.N. Lipatov, N.A. Eismont



February, 24

M.S.Chubey (St.-Petersburg, Central (Pulkovo) Astronomical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

"Interplanetary Solar Stereoscopic Observatory (ISSO) — the scientific program and the current state of the project researches".



February, 10

Tom Gehrels (Department of Planetary Sciences, University of Arizona)

"The History of our Universe and its Physics".



January, 27

A.R. Dzhanoev (M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University)

"Stabilization of the chaotic behaviour in celestial mechanics".



January, 20

V.M. Khatsymovsky (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk)

"Effective fundamental length in quantum gravity".



January, 16

V.N. Zirakashvili, V.S. Ptuskin (IZMIRAN)

"Cosmic rays: status of subject, cosmic rays in Supernova remnants (acceleration and plasma effects)".